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Trusted Cardiac Solutions Services in Glendale

Cardiac Solutions has been proudly serving the Glendale area with our innovative cardiology treatments and unique focus on personalized cardiovascular care. We combine state-of-the-art technological treatments, the latest standards in innovation, and personalized education to provide holistic, comprehensive cardiology testing and education. We have multidisciplinary team of physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, and pharmacist operating at our Glendale location. We’re proud to have gained the reputation as the leading cardiology team in all of West Valley, thanks to our relentless dedication on focusing on our patients’ heart care. If you’re in need of our premier cardiac care solutions in Glendale, please visit our location at the Talavi Corporate Center at your earliest convenience.

Glendale Location

Talavi Corporate Center
5651 Talavi Blvd, Suite 160
Glendale, AZ 85306


Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Driving Directions
Cardiac Solutions in Glendale is located inside the Talavi Corporate Center in the Bell/Greenway Neighborhood, near the Walmart Supercenter. We’re a short drive from I-17 and Route 101.

Our Glendale Cardiac Solutions Services

Diagnostic Testing
Diagnostic Testing

We provide extensive diagnostic testing procedures to not only diagnose more urgent heart diseases, but as a preventative measure to stop heart disease in its earliest stages. Some of the diagnostic testing we offer in Glendale includes arrhythmia detection (such as ECG/EKG), vascular ultrasounds, various forms of nuclear testing, and remote device monitoring.

Clinical Programs
Clinical Programs

To help foster increased education towards cardiac disease, we offer various clinical programs led by registered nurses and clinical pharmacists in Glendale. Our clinical programs range from Disease Management to Cholesterol Management to our Heart Failure Program. We provide high quality education in an affordable and accessible manner. We also offer some free educational classes to cover the most critical aspects of heart disease, including an educational class for Heart Failure. Call us to learn more about the clinical programs and services we offer in our Glendale location.

Surgical Options
Surgical Options

In the event you need surgical treatment to help you get back to living a healthy life, our leading team of cardiologists are well equipped to perform surgical cardiology procedures to treat heart and vascular diseases. By using innovative treatment and evidence-based care, we guarantee a safe experience at Cardiac Solutions. We offer many different cardiology surgical options, including treating structural heart disease, electrophysiology, and peripheral artery disease. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we have innovated cardiovascular care and to learn how we can provide you with safe, quality surgical options.

Innovation & Excellence
in Cardiac Care With
a Personal Touch