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New full-service office opening in January 2016 in Glendale! We are combining our current Thunderbird and Arrowhead offices into one larger medical office at 5651 Talavi Blvd., Suite 160 in Glendale. Please call our office to schedule your appointment at our new expanded location.
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Cardiac Solutions is a medical, physician owned business that provides cardiac health services to the general public and referred patients. The practice was founded in 1984 by Dr. Joseph Caplan. A full team of professionals actively involved in maximizing YOUR total heart care. Our philosophy is to put the treatment and care of the patient first.

With our intensive educational opportunities through Nurse directed clinics, we help prevent the progression of heart disease and avoid hospital admissions. You not only build a relationship with your physician, but with many members of our TEAM, each member focused on YOUR heart health.

Mission Statement

Cardiac Solutions will continue to be the leader providing quality cardiac care, utilizing a personalized, team-oriented approach, and promoting wellness through education, innovation and technology.

Organizational Values

Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction, Honesty & Integrity, A commitment to the organization, demonstrating efficiency through change, achieving competency through quality.

For more information, please call us at 623-876-8816.


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